What Causes Constipation?

Nearly every person in the world has experienced constipation at one point or another, so understanding what causes constipation will help you learn ways you can avoid it. Quite a few factors exist that can lead to constipation. Some of them are discussed in this article.


One of the major contributors to constipation is not drinking enough water. When not enough water is in the body, the stools harden and become difficult to pass. Not enough fiber is another factor that is similar to not enough water. However, in the case of not enough fiber, the body is unable to pass the stools, so they become even harder. They can then retract into the large intestine and result in an obstruction.


Certain medications like pain relievers and cough syrups can lead to constipation. A person who is constipated might be tempted to take a laxative, which will temporarily alleviate the symptoms. However, the body can develop resistance to them after they have been used for any length of time, and might make the condition worse in the long run.

Other Causes

Some other reasons behind constipation are: inactivity, an excess of calcium, or an excess of iron in the foods you eat.

If you consume too much coffee or tea, you can actually dehydrate yourself, because these diuretics will make you have to visit the bathroom more often.

Another cause is weak muscles of the bowel. This condition is most prevalent in the older population because their muscles tend to weaken over time.

If you have undergone a surgical procedure to the abdominal region in the not-too-distant past, you might experience some bowel muscle weakness.

Two other conditions that can lead to constipation are Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anxiety.

If you understand what causes constipation, you will then be better able to remedy your condition. But, even so, you would be best served to consult your physician to make sure you are not facing another, more severe situation.

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